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Headshot--handsonhipsLipi Roy, MD, MPH

Physician Speaker


I am deeply passionate about educating and empowering the public to make healthy choices. I have been fortunate enough to receive intense training in medicine, clinical nutrition, mindfulness, addiction, trauma-informed care, motivational interviewing and countless other relevant and captivating topics. But what’s the point in going through all this training if I can’t share it with all of YOU?

If you ask 10 of my friends to describe me in 3 words, they’d say: “passionate,” “energetic,” and “optimistic.” Not a coincidence that the Testimonials (below) from my public speaking engagements sound almost identical. I am a sought-after speaker who’s appeared on Charlie Rose and CNN, and been featured in The Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Cooking Light and Oprah.com. My articles have been published in the Huffington Post, STAT News and KevinMD.com.Lipi Roy_3

Through my diverse and fascinating experiences – ranging from evacuation from Hurricane Katrina and providing relief to earthquake victims in Haiti to being a female doctor in homeless shelters and New York City’s infamous Rikers Island jail complex – I have learned many lessons and ‘a-ha’ moments. And I cannot wait to bring you along my journey and share them with you!


Wide range of health-related topics including but not limited to:

  • Addiction (opioids, alcohol, tobacco, etc.)
  • Opioid Crisis
  • Homeless Health
  • Correctional Medicine (Incarceration + Health)
  • Mindful practice (meditation, yoga)
  • Stress Reduction, Avoiding Burnout
  • Nutrition, Spices, Healthy & Flavorful Cooking
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Chronic Medical Diseases (diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancers, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, etc.)


  1. A charismatic, well-informed speaker who engages with her audience
  2. Prompt and professional responses by email and/or phone
  3. Personal phone consultation to optimize my deliverables to your audience
  4. Promotion of your event on my multiple social media platforms


NY Association of Drug Treatment Court Professionals

Media Reel

Buprenorphine (“Suboxone”) at Rikers Island

Racial Disparities, Incarceration and Addiction at Rikers Island


“Dr. Roy was very engaging! I greatly enjoyed this session.”

“Absolutely phenomenal speaker! I would love to have a DVD of her presentation to be able to show to my patients during group sessions.”

“This session seemed to challenge my perspective. Dr. Roy helped me understand the difference of dopamine levels for a person coping with addiction v. someone who is not.”

“Dr. Roy was extremely passionate about her area of expertise and clearly explained all of her material.”

“Dr. Roy was excellent. Her presentation was engaging, her slides were informative and interesting. I would have liked to hear more from her!”

“I felt Dr. Roy was the BEST presenter of the Conference. Her delivery was current and it provided me with real examples for those working in the trenches of addiction”

“I appreciated Dr. Roy’s passion for the field of addiction, particularly in regards to medication-assisted treatment and the stigmas attached to those who are addicted and choose to utilize methadone as a treatment modality.”

“Excellent, knowledgeable and engaging speaker. Very inspiring. I wanted to hire her immediately to head up one of our programs.”


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