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“Exercise is Medicine” — CNN interview with Dr. Lipi Roy

http://www.cnn.com/videos/living/2016/02/09/exercise-as-medicine.cnn In 2016, CNN came to my one of my Boston clinics to interview me about evidence-based health benefits of exercise. “There’s no single treatment or intervention that can have as diverse benefits as exercise.” -Lipi Roy, MD, MPH, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA. “Studies show that when a doctor or other health care professional […]

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Coverage in “Spare Change News”, May 20th, 2016

Honored to speak to Emerson journalism student, Ross Cristantiello, about my work as a doctor to Boston’s most vulnerable population: homeless men and women. His wonderful piece has been published in “Spare Change News”! It’s been a privilege and honor to care for these brave individuals who struggle daily with chronic medical conditions (heart disease, diabetes, kidney […]

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BodyTalk Podcast interview with Dr. Lipi Roy — “Longer, Healthier Life with Spices”

Greetings! I was delighted to speak with Master Trainer and Health Reporter, Bob Garvin, about a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, led by researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health that linked frequent spice consumption with living a longer life. Bob knows that I am deeply passionate about healthy cooking and baking, […]

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Boston Herald Radio with Dr. Lipi Roy — Is Childbirth Safer at home in the U.K.? And Medical Marijuana in MA

On today’s segment of “Doctor’s Call”, I discussed the recent, provocative New England Journal of Medicine opinion piece written by BIDMC obstetrician, Dr. Neel Shah. I also discuss medical marijuana, its adverse effects, clinical benefits and MA policy for legal prescribing. Listen to the interesting discussion with hosts Jaclyn Cashman and Hillary Chabot here. ========================================== “Is […]

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Boston Herald Radio with Dr. Lipi Roy — Brain Tumors

There has been much discussion of brain cancer in the news, prompted by the tragic death of 46-year-old Delaware Attorney General, Mr. Beau Biden, son of Vice President, Joe Biden. On today’s “Doctor’s Call” with hosts Jaclyn Cashman and Hillary Chabot, I discuss brain tumors. Listen here. More details below. ===================================== ~ BRAIN TUMORS ~ BACKGROUND ~17,000 people […]

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“Doctor’s Call” Boston Herald Radio: Pseudobulbar Affect, Back Pain and the Cold

Hello, hello! Hope everyone who is living in cold climates is staying warm and safe. On today’s “Doctor’s Call” segment on Boston Herald Radio, hosts Jaclyn Cashman and Hillary Chabot asked me about a rare neurologic condition called Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA), as well as back pain (especially in light of shoveling during nonstop snowfall) and the […]

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“Doctor’s Call” Boston Herald Radio: Measles, Multivitamins and more!

Listen to today’s “Doctor’s Call” segment on Boston Herald Radio where I discuss several health topics with hosts Jaclyn Cashman and Hillary Chabot: https://soundcloud.com/bostonherald/doctors-call-with-dr-lipi-roy-5 Topics include multivitamins; vaccinations; brief discussion on concussions and other football/contact-related injuries. For more information on these topics, visit: CDC — Measles and Vaccines CDC — Vaccinations World Health Organization — […]

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