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Addiction Educational Video by PCSS-AAAP — featuring Dr. Lipi Roy

In this educational (and inspirational!) video created by PCSS Projects and the American Association of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP), I share my experiences as a doctor who initially was frustrated by patients who were struggling with addiction. Once I learned that addiction is a chronic disease, a remitting and relapsing disease of the brain, that can […]

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Addiction and Stigma Part 2 — by Dr. Lipi Roy

In today’s video, I discuss several simple but effective ways to reduce stigma faced by people who experience addiction. How? By changing our *language. ~~ STIGMATIZING/PUNITIVE/TOUGH: ~~ “Substance/drug abuse” “Substance/drug abuser” “War on Drugs” “Dirty urine” “Junkie,” “Addict,” “Cokehead,” “Package,” “Body ==> … …Patient self-stigma: less likely to seek help; perceive increased discrimination Health care […]

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Addiction and Stigma Part 1 — by Dr. Lipi Roy

“Stigma” –> Watch my video and learn what stigma means, and how it impacts people with addiction. You’ll learn that of the 23 million Americans with Substance Use Disorder, ONLY 10% access treatment. Staggering and Unacceptable. And the major barrier? STIGMA 2 Factors Impact Stigma: CAUSE CONTROLLABILITY Stay tuned for my video where I discuss how […]

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Dean’s Community Service Award — Harvard Medical School

On Tuesday, June 21st, 2016, I was one of 9 recipient’s of the Dean’s Community Service Award, presented by the Harvard Medical School (HMS) Office of Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership. This was a *tremendous* honor, and is a reflection of the MANY compassionate colleagues (nurses, social workers, admin, doctors) who work tirelessly to care for Boston’s […]

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April Fool’s! — An Amusing Surprise in Caring for a Homeless Man

A few days ago, a homeless gentleman came to see me at the Pine Street Shelter clinic in Boston. I had never met him before. He described his multiple medical problems including chronic neck pain that required surgical repair, seizure disorder, sleep apnea and an unusual respiratory fungal infection that resulted in lung surgery. Prior to coming to […]

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Homelessness and Youth

One afternoon while I was seeing female clients at the women’s clinic of Pine St Inn shelter, I met a very sweet, young girl who had left quite an impression on me. “Mindy” was in her early 20s, a New Englander who moved to Boston to be with her boyfriend, but it “didn’t work out.” She had […]

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Boston Marathon Bombing–A Local Doctor’s Perspective (Part II)

Well, when I wrote Part I of my reflections of the Boston Marathon bombing in May 2013, I didn’t think it would take nearly a year to write Part II! But at the time, I felt that the city was really beginning to recover and I didn’t want to bring up old memories. But a […]

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Veterans Day — Caring for Homeless Veterans

As I worked in the clinic of Pine Street shelter in Boston today, Veterans Day, I reflected back on the many military servicemen and servicewomen I’ve had the privilege of caring for. They have come to see me at various outpatient clinical settings, including homeless shelters such as Pine Street Inn and St. Francis House, and hospital-based clinics at the Massachusetts […]

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