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Indian-Style Couscous Stir-fry

Greetings! This is a healthy and delicious dish that I specially prepared for the Home and Family “Home Cook Contest”! The dish is made of couscous (a whole grain rich in fiber and protein), as well as many vegetables and spices, all of which have many health benefits (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant) which reduces the risk of […]

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Spices and their Health Benefits — Video

I am excited to share a video of one of my favorite topics, Spices! –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rnObuFr6p8 A big, heartfelt thank you to TV hosts, Esha and Soph, for inviting me back to their show, “Faces of South Asia”, to discuss a few of my favorite spices including turmeric, paprika, coriander, black cumin and cinnamon. For more details, check out the […]

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Spicy Nutty Brussel Sprouts

This is a really quick, simple and delicious vegetable (and vegan!) dish. Various spices which provide multiple health benefits (check out the “Spices” category of this blog) are in this recipe. Brussel sprouts are cruciferous vegetables that are chock full of nutrients (Vitamins K, C, B6, B1, folate, fiber), and can lower cholesterol and reduce […]

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Curried Turkey Meatballs

These turkey meatballs are spicy, healthy, filling, and they will fill your with delectable aromas! Turkey is a lean meat with less fat than red meat and it is a great source of protein. The various spices provide anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant health benefits which decrease the risk of chronic diseases including cancer. Serve with salad, lentils or […]

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Spicy Oven-Roasted Asparagus with Coriander and Turmeric

This is a relatively quick and simple vegetable dish that packs both flavor and nutritional punches! Asparagus is really heralded as a “superfood” because it is chock full of vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins C, A, K, B1 & B2; folic acid; iron; as well as fiber and protein. Its myriad of health benefits range […]

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Quinoa with Mixed Vegetables & Coriander

This is a healthy and quick dinner recipe. Quinoa, as most of you may know, is also known as a “superfood”: it is a grain that is high in protein, fiber and is also a source of calcium, magnesium and many other nutrients. This recipe is chock full of nutrients and flavor, ranging from coriander […]

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Eggplant and Okra Stir fry with Cumin

This is a tasty recipe, full of flavor, and versatile in that it can be served with plain rice, roti or rolled in wraps. This vegetable dish is also chock full of nutrients! Not only does each spice have health benefits (look under Spices category of this website), but the vegetables do as well. Eggplant […]

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Cauliflower and Potato a.k.a. “Aloo Gobi”

Also known as ‘Aloo Gobi’, this healthy vegetarian dish is commonly served in Indian restaurants…but nothing compares with making it at home with fresh ingredients. The aromas from the ‘curry’ spices — cumin, coriander, paprika, turmeric and ginger — will emanate throughout your home…to the envy of your neighbors! Serve with rice, roti or on its own. Enjoy […]

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