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This blog would never have become a reality without the generosity and genius of several key individuals. First and foremost, I must thank my mother, Basanti Roy, for teaching me so many of the delectable Indian dishes that are included in the blog. My mother was the first person to not only introduce me to the world of savory spices, but also to demonstrate what it means to be a compassionate cook and to be an exquisite host — and for that I will be eternally grateful.¬†Jacqueline Thompson is a gracious and talented woman who inspired me to create a blog in the first place; I am lucky to call her my friend. David Bell, Lisa Yimm and Sanjib Sarkar are all technical wizards who helped me create and launch the original version of the blog. However, the current, new and improved version of the blog has come to fruition because of the creative and brilliant efforts of Sebastian Zapisek at Burokraft; much thanks to his hard work. Last but never least, I must always acknowledge my mother, father and brother for their unconditional support of all of my adventurous endeavors! Thank you, all. Enjoy the blog. Here’s to healthy living!