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Welcome to my Healthy Spices blog, Spices for Life MDTM! Thank you for taking the time to visit. You will soon discover that I am deeply passionate about preventive health through healthy eating, fitness and mindfulness. Based on my experiences with patients, I firmly believe that people want to live healthier lives, but don’t always know how, or have the motivation to change. Thus, I decided to combine these passions and create the Spices for Life MDTM  website and reach as large an audience as possible. The ultimate aim of my blog is to educate and thus empower the public to make healthy lifestyle choices. I hope you will find the spices, recipes and health topics to be informative and enlightening. Feel free to make comments and share the blog with anyone who wants to improve their lives for the better!

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After several years caring for Boston’s homeless men and women, I decided to share my experiences in a new category, “Health and the Homeless”. You might ask, ‘What do spices and cooking have to do with the homeless population?’ While not initially intuitive, to me these seemingly disparate areas are closely related. Data from Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP), show that 1/3 of homeless individuals are obese.* This is consistent with the general (i.e. housed) population who clearly struggle with weight.** But this is actually a more challenging problem among the underserved homeless population that has less access to high-nutrient foods (e.g. fresh vegetables at farmer’s markets), expensive fitness programs and overall quality health care. In addition, many people have asked me, ‘Dr. Roy, what does it mean to care for a homeless man or woman?’ For these reasons, I felt it was important to share my experiences as a doctor who helps this special group of individuals become healthy. I hope you enjoy the blog!



*Koh KA et al. The Hunger-Obesity Paradox: Obesity in the Homeless. J Urban Health. 2012 May 30
**World Health Organization. Controlling the Global Obesity Epidemic. 2012


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