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Healthy living…one spice at a time!

24_LipiRoy_608--croppedArcticWelcome to my healthy spices blog, Spices for Life MDTM! My mission is to educate and empower the public to make healthy lifestyle decisions through nutrition, mindfulness and addiction awareness. After years of caring for patients with complex medical and psychosocial issues, I firmly believe that people want to live healthier lives, but don’t always know how, or have the motivation to change. As a board-certified Addiction Medicine physician who has taught Clinical Nutrition at Harvard Medical School and received specialized training in mindfulness, I am uniquely qualified in and passionate about these vital topics regarding health and wellness. I hope you will find the spices, recipes and health topics in Spices for Life MDTM to be informative and enlightening. Feel free to make comments and share the blog with anyone who wants to improve their life for the better!

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The categories include: Spices; Recipes; Health ConditionsHealth and Homelessness; and Addiction. A little background on the latter two categories: after five years caring for Boston’s homeless men and women, I learned that 1/3 of homeless individuals are obese,* consistent with the general (i.e. housed) population.** Additionally, the underserved homeless population has less access to high-nutrient foods (e.g. fresh vegetables at farmer’s markets), expensive fitness programs and health care. I’ve often been asked, ‘What does caring for a homeless person look like?’ For these reasons, I felt it was important to share my experiences as a doctor who cared for this special group of individuals.

Research from Boston has shown that the leading cause of death among the city’s most vulnerable  population is drug overdose,*** which sadly is now a nationwide public health crisis. Hence, the category titled “Addiction,” where I share my insights and experiences from homeless health care, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, New York City’s Rikers Island jail complex where I served as the Chief of Addiction Medicine, and NY State’s Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) where I serve as a medical director for Brooklyn’s addiction treatment center.

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