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Addiction and Stigma Part 2 — by Dr. Lipi Roy

In today’s video, I discuss several simple but effective ways to reduce stigma faced by people who experience addiction. How? By changing our *language.



“Substance/drug abuse”

“Substance/drug abuser”

“War on Drugs”

“Dirty urine”

“Junkie,” “Addict,” “Cokehead,” “Package,” “Body

==> …

…Patient self-stigma: less likely to seek help; perceive increased discrimination

Health care professionals stigma:

  – less regard for patients with addictions

  – perceived as “less motivated, violent,  manipulative”

  – shorter visits –>–> Suboptimal Care 🙁

—————————————————— v.s. ——————————————————


“Substance use disorder”

“Person with substance use issues/disorder”

“Urine is positive”

==> …

… Patients feel less judged, more respected

More likely to seek care

Improved therapeutic relationship 🙂



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